Sunday, November 14, 2010

MyWi Application for Iphone

MyWi will be a piece of application whereby you can turn your iphone into Hotspot.If you do have ipad without 3g you can use your iphone as the source of internet. They will be some charges on the internet usage if you are not signing any package.Basically it work well and it is good to have.On Ipad 3g I never test before , but I have tested this on iphone 3gs 4.1 , iphone 4.01 and iphone 4.02

Below will be some semi changes that will make it work.

Step by step
1)download ifile from cydia
2)Install the application and it might require reboot
3)open the file editor and change the following files /var/stash/application./ click on edit

You will see the following information

exec /Applications/

Path=$(dirname "$0")
ddd=$(exec "date" "+%Y-%m-%d %T")
#I install the application on 2010-11-12
x=exec "date" "-s 2010-11-10"
{ sleep 3; exec "date" "-s $ddd"; } &
exec "${Path}"/MyWiApp_

Please take note on the date on 2010-11-10, you install the application on 2010-11-12 and you can revert back to 2010-11-8

and the time for calculate the expiration will be starting

If you have problem and the application keep on asking to initialize do the following

On the iphone, go to general - setting - general - data & time, set automatically to off.

Set the date to 2010-11-12 and the time will be 4:45pm and reboot your device

Open mywi application and it will work

Last step set back general - setting - general - data & time, set automatically to on


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