Sunday, September 18, 2011

Create Item For Monitoring

This would be the last steps, what you need to do is to input all those item that you will like to monitor. For example if you will like to monitor for cpu. On the windows server it self open a cmd and type the following command

typeperf -qx | findstr Processor > cpu.txt

This will list all of the processor monitoring and you need to find the right string which have the following format

\UDPv6\Datagrams Sent/sec

Step 1: Installing SUSE Enterprise 10
Step 2: Installing Zabbix Monitoring Component
Step 3: Enabling SUSE Linux Module for Zabbix
Step 4: Configure PHP
Step 5: Configure Zabbix Web Interface
Step 6: Install & Configure zabbix client on Windows server
Step 7: Create Host For Monitoring
Step 8: Create Item For Monitoring

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