Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Installation Option For Hyper-V role in Windows 2008

Method of installing HYPER-V role is depend on the version of the windows server 2008 you have installed. The installation option you see here will be more toward non core windows 2008. I will show you how you can installed by the option listed below.

1)Server Manager MMC
2)Server Manager cmd

Both of the option do a pretty good job, one of the different between this 2 option is servermanagercmd you have no way to stop it, while server manager mmc you still have the option to stop it.If you ask me I will choose which option, I would strongly recommend option 2.

Server Manager MMC Installation Steps

You be expecting to see more network card if you have more than 1.In this test lab I am installing on IBM T400.

Server Manager CMD Installation Steps

The step to remove for hyper-v by issuing the command servermanagercmd -remove hyper-v)

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