Sunday, September 18, 2011

Installing SUSE Enterprise 10

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Here by I would like to share the how to built your own monitoring server using opensource system. What I have show will be performance monitoring over windows machine and I believe it can do more then that.

The areas that I didn't cover will be the adding logic to zabbix server when certain scenario hit. (e.g. DHCP stop)

The product will be zabbix and it is a open source platform for monitoring. What you will need to know will be some linux skills which I be going to cover in this session. The tools so far I see it is quite good and it is can manage windows machine as well. But then again the drawback will be it is complicated. The operating system I would like to recommended you guys to install will be SUSE Enterprise Linux 10 or opensuse. The origin of the operating system is from German


Let me give you some idea what you be going to expect from this. You will have a very nice graphical report for CPU, memory , network interface and etc. Please take note the following it is not part of the zabbix default configuration and it need customization.

Installing Operating System

Here you go the steps and please do feedback if you have any suggestion or idea.


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