Sunday, September 18, 2011

Installing Zabbix Monitoring Component

Installing Zabbix Component

In linux, it got 6 run level, we just configure the service to be run at the different type of run level. You can find the link below for more information.


You need to configure the following on the server
chkconfig --level 345 zabbix-server on
chkconfig --level 345 zabbix-agentd on
chkconfig --level 345 apache2 on
chkconfig --level 345 mysql on
chkconfig --list | grep zabbix
chkconfig --list | grep apache2
chkconfig --list | grep mysql

Set MYSQL Password

Configure MYSQL Database

Because of the structure files is too big, I can't show you the contain.But if you do have interest.Please email me,I will email you those 3 files.

Configure zabbix server configuration

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