Saturday, October 15, 2011

Removing / Adding GUI from Windows Server 8

As feedback from all of IT users all over the world, we know that in the previous version of Windows Server 2008/ 2008 R2 it does provide full installation mode and also core system. However, they are some weakness in term of both installation mode. The weakness will be, if we choose the wrong installation mode, we have no way to change it unless we reinstall the entire operating system.

In the latest beta version of Windows Server 8, it does provide the ability to change between core and full GUI.

The screen below is shown on a operating system which have been installed with "On Demand Feature". You have 2 ways to remove the GUI , either by using server manager or powershell.

Result of removing GUI from the system, you will find the following:
1)Servermanager.exe can't be executed on on demand feature operating system
2)Metro UI will be removed
3)Explorer and internet explorer will be remove
4)Patching will be 50% lesser
5)Surface attack will be minimize

On my personal preference, I will prefer to use the powershell as it offer a limited steps to achieve the results.

Removing GUI using Server Manager 

Removing GUI using POWERSHELL

1)import-module servermanager
2)remove-windowsfeature server-gui-shell

3)Once you hit enter, you will see the removing screen

4)Upon completion of the process, you will be ask to restart the server as shown as below. You can issue the command shutdown -r -f -t 0

Now what you have learn is to remove the GUI using server manager & powershell, the above steps will teach you how to activate back the GUI Shell.

1)The step is similar to removing steps, please make sure you restart the server for it to take effect.

2)import-module servermanager

3)add-windowsfeature server-gui-shell

4)Reboot the server by typing the command shutdown -f -r -t 0

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