Saturday, October 29, 2011

Security Concern on Windows XP

Windows XP which it is a favorite operating system now have been become a decade old operating system. Windows XP have reach 10 years old and it is pretty long to carry an old technology. The security and vulnerability of the Windows XP increase year by years.As mention by Brandon's blog here, the software soon going to reach the EOS at 2014 and it is time to perform an upgrade to the latest version of the Windows operating system to meet the security compliance in the organization.

A recent security newsletter by Microsoft it show that Windows XP contribute more infection in malware, virus and worms than the rest of the operating system.It would be recommend to upgrade to the latest version.

So is it time to switch or do you plan on running Windows XP until your machine finally gives out and sputters its last blue screen of death? 

Overview of Windows XP Security threat

Malware Infection Rate

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