Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Task Manager improvement in Windows Server 8

Although this is not a big topic, but I see it is good to be shared. Task manager is the most common application that is use for the system administrator to check for server performance, hung process and etc. But in the previous version on Windows 7 it is much better than the previous version.

But it is still a bit complicated to use when you will like to check which application that use a lot of CPU, memory , disk and network. Although it is embedded into the task manager which we call resource monitor.

This is what it look like in resource monitor and it contain too much detail. On the latest enhancement on the task manager Microsoft have change the UI to have a better user experience.

In the latest version of Window Server 8, the UI change.The objective will be always to target what you want to view.
If you click on the more details it will bring you to another screen.

Processes Tab

Performance Tab
1)It sure have a neat interface and if you see on the left hand bottom, launch resource monitor. This is the same as on the previous windows server version.

Users Tab

Detail Tab

 Services Tab

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