Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wireless Attack on Microsoft Peap - Part 2 of 3

Wireless Hardware Requirement

Now you have configure the Wireless Pwnage Edition (WPE) and you also need another hardware component which is the wireless device. You need to have a wireless device that support WPA Enterprise. But in market today, you can easily find those wireless devices. In the next step, you need to configure the wireless radius IP to your free-radius and you also need to key in the password as shown as below.

Hardware Configuration for Wireless Peap Attack

Hardware checklist preparation

1)Making sure your wireless hardware device does support WPA-Enterprise
2)Configure radius server IP into wireless device
3)Configure radius server Shared Secret password which is test .This is the default password for Wireless Pwnage Edition (WPE).
4)On the target wireless network device you need to configure the same wireless broadcast ESSID or Extended Service Set Identification.

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