Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bitlocker Improvement in Windows Server 8

As the technology growth in this past few years, we have notice an opportunity for a risk to growth which will be targeting toward information that are stored inside the hard drive. In the past, we are looking into the waste container for any shredded information and we try to find the information from it. But now, everyone store data into hard drive. Do you really think all of us really secure those data?. What if your drive spoil and what you will do?. The first thing you will do is called for a replacement. This is where by the opportunity for the hacker come into picture. They have 50% opportunity to get hold of the data. I have test this on my self on the spoil hard drive, I am lucky enough for able to retrieve those. The work to get it back it is not hard. As what I did was put into the freezer for few hours and then I get back my drive to work for few hours which is enough for me to backup those data.

Now in the technology trend, we are working on virtualization. We can store the entire data center information into a portable drive. Chances to get those data might be high if the physical disk is not properly secure. Just imagine your entire Active Directory is inside the hard drive. From hacker perspective we can perform an on offline attack on it.

What I always believe, security is not a product. It is a tools to delay bad guys to perform damage and I do believe encryption is important.

Encryption tools
There is a lot of company provide encyrypton software such as truecrypt, checkpoint DLP, Symantec DLP and etc. What I want to cover today will be the Microsoft encryption. BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature available Windows Server 2008 R2 and in some editions of Windows 7. What it need to run will be a Trusted Platform Module 1.2 aka TPM but it also can be enabled without TPM. For the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Server it does provide a new improvement whereby it only encrypt the portion of the data that are stored into the machine.

Bitlocker Consideration
As you must aware as well, bitlocker can't protect your machine for malicious code what it does it only provide encryption. For server deployment, you might want to deploy to this to the branch office whereby the physical security it lower.

Here I would like to share some of the video clips on how to configure and also the difference on bitlocker.

Video Demo 1 : Installation of bitlocker on Window Server 8
For a direct link, please click install bitlocker on Windows Server 8.

Video Demo 2 : Bitlocker comparison Windows Server 2008 R2 VS Windows Server 8
For a direct link, please comparison on bitlocker

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