Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cyberwar 2012

Cyberwar is here, are we ready to protect industries including IT, financial services, defense and electronics. These attacks are launched for a variety of reasons including financial gain, IP theft, political reason and etc.

The war and preparation it is not just on latest jet fighter or nuclear. We are talking about technology and INTEL behind it.Let take a closer look on Japan. Since Sony was been attack few year back, now they are planning for a better prevention with self intelligent software to protect the nation. But do you think this would be the right way?. What if the software do mistake and it causes more problem?. Let wait and see what is the end result.

Microsoft have monopoly a larger portion of the desktop computing. This year they are testing a new service to distribute threat data captured from botnets to understand more on the ground how it works. Not sure how this going to work, but I hope it doesn't end in the privacy issues.

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