Thursday, January 26, 2012

Password Audit tools Part 2

Shell appear on all different type of linux. As on my previous article on password auditing using command prompt , on this article I am going to give you some guide on how to do it on linux. The method is almost the same.The only different will be the syntax.

If you are newbie to linux, I will suggest you download a copy of linux and start install. I have a link for you on how to install Suse Enterprise Linux 10 you can follow the steps from there. The first thing that you need to do is to have a dictionary files called as credential. The content of the files will be as the following:


Next step will be open a shell from the linux and type the following command.

for I in `cat credential`;do smbclient -L remote ip --user=administrator%$I; done

What does the command do is it read the credential files and put it into "I" which is a variable. After that the command will use smbclient to connect to the remote host with the username administrator.If you did see the syntax of %$I , it contain information of the credential file.

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