Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stealing Yahoo Messenger Login

stealing yahoo messenger login
Yahoo Messenger aka YIM its a free product for social networking. It was first launch in the year of March 9 1998. Today I am going to write something regard to the risk that we might encounter due to human mistake. You must be wondering how in this world yahoo messenger might cause some issue. The reason is simple, what is someone use your ID to sent some embarrassing info. The only requirement for this to be executed will be only friend should have checked “Remember my Id & password”.

What you will need is to create 2 script, one is called export.bat with the following content
regedit /e session.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\yahoo\pager

Second step will be create another script called as import.bat.What you need to do is just double click on the reg files. As for the result, you get someone yahoo messenger login ID without knowing the password.
regedit /s session.reg 

I be interest to have a test to the following feature which are provided by Microsoft on Windows Server 8. The feature is to use ID such as MSN ID to the host. I am not sure how safe is those, but I think its no harm to have a try on it and share the result.

I am interested in hearing your feedback, so that I can improve my articles and learning resources for you. I am providing this forum for info purposes. I claims no responsibility on how you use this knowledge.

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