Thursday, January 19, 2012

Windows Server 8 on VMware Workstation 8

In this article I am going to show you how to install Windows Server 8 into VMware workstation 8. VMware workstation give you the flexibility to install multiple operating system into a single machine for testing purpose. However the product it is not use for any production use. It is a good tools for software testing and etc. You can download the software from the vmware website at

The requirement of VMware workstation will be either Microsoft Windows or Linux. Majority for laptop we are running on Windows 7.The installation is easy for VMware workstation, just follow the instruction on the screen.

Fol­low the screen­shots for the pro­ce­dure I used and you can have the pre-configured Windows Server 8.If you do have read some other blogs, the Windows Server 8 profile have been remove. If you did see the Windows Server 8 option. That mean you are using the beta version. For the installation I am using the Windows 7 as my base.Please take note you must choose the option "configure the operating system later" as on my screenshot. If you do configure the VM to use ISO, you will have an endless loop.

create a new virtual machine

virtual machine wizard - click next

i will install the operating system later

select windows 7 x64

name the virtual machine

specify disk capacity for virtual machine

click finish

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