Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Modern Ninja

Since 2011, we have heard a lot incident around the world where by confidential information was been stolen , government website was been defaced and big corporation network was been crippled for some reason. The famous will be the anonymous group, but have you ever wonder why they success?. The only reason for it, they think differently. I am
not one of them, but mostly all of the security assessment group will have this on their mind. 

They have been paid to work like a guerrilla attacking the network.
Let me share with you the ancient ninja in Japan which existed since 1800, their nature haven been changed and it seem to be in practice and inherit till now to a different type of users. Ninja practice Shinobi-iri (忍び入り) which are one of the ninjutsu techniques for silent movement. This is since 1800s, look at the now.

Stealth won't work anymore, we have CCTV 24x7 to monitor and a very good monitoring system to log all the auditing logs. What does the modern ninja do, they use technology to stealth them self. Let me share some of it with you like TOR network or proxy.

Practices of the Ninja
Have you ever wonder what are those areas?.I have do some research and find the core practices as below.Most probably you will ask, what does ninja have related to IT. This is mostly what the hackers do, they have more strategy, avoiding direct attack, use a different set of customized tools, espionage and etc.

1.  Seishin teki kyoyo (spiritual refinement)
2.  Tai jutsu (unarmed combat)
3.  Ninja ken (ninja sword)
4.  Bo-jutsu (stick and staff fighting)
5.  Shuriken-jutsu (throwing blades)
6.  Yari-jutsu (spear fighting)
7.  Naginata-jutsu (halberd fighting)
8.  Kusari-gama (chain and sickle weapon)
9.  Kayaku-jutsu (fire and explosives)
10. Henso-justu (disguise and impersonation)
11. Shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods)
12. Ba-jutsu (horsemanship)
13. Sui-ren (water training)
14. Bo-ryaku (strategy)
15.Cho ho (espionage)
16. Inton-jutsu (escape and concealment)

17. Ten-mon (meteorology)
18. Chi-mon (geography)

Practices of the Ninja today's
Till now, we don't much hear in the news mentioning, corporate network attack by ninja. Rather we hear blackhat. Blackhat practitioner they have also have the similar practice as the ancient ninja. The tools use by ninja today's will be different than the ancient. I won't be teaching you to use shuriken (手裏剣) .Along my article I will write more about the tools that they use. The most important for the ninja today's to learn is ethic, motivation and techniques.

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