Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Storage Replication Configuring Jobs - Part 4

In the previous article, I have more and less cover the needs that you need to know when you want to plan the storage replication in your organization. Planning is very important in the initial stage. On this article I will cover more toward on how to configure storage replication on a different server over a wan link.

In this lab configuration, I have use 2 server to simulate the replication which is virtual01 and virtual02. As you can see the screen below, I have open the SteelEye management console screen from virtual01. For your information you can open the console from any machine that have been installed with the software.
10 steeleye datakeeper console

What we need to do now is to configure a storage replication from virtual01 to virtual02. We want to replicate the Z drive from virtual01 to virtual02. Make sure the remote storage on the virtual02 is bigger than virtual01.Before you can start to create any job, you must link the server to the SteelEye by clicking on the connect to the server. If you have 3 server, you will need to configure all the 3 servers.
11 steeleye datakeeper connect to server

This is what it will prompt when you click on the connect to the server
12 steeleye datakeeper key in the server name

Once you are done with the configuration, now we need to create a job or a task that is going to perform the storage replication
13 steeleye datakeeper create job

Will suggest you to put a meaningful name, so that you can have a better management on labeling.
14 steeleye datakeeper create a new job

Once you click on next, you will need to specificy the source server which is virtual01. As you can see on the IP address I have use 10.0.0.x which is dedicated for replication. While on the volume, I have configure it just to replicate drive Z whereby all my vhd reside.
15 steeleye datakeeper configuring source

On the target, you will need to do the same
16 steeleye datakeeper configuring target

Depending on your prefer option, as above will be the prefer option. As I have mention earlier in my article which cover the type of replication on asynchronous and synchronous. You might want to reconsider which option that you prefer
17 steeleye datakeeper configuring detail

You will see that the state in recyncing
18 steeleye datakeeper first time sync

On the remote host, you will notice that the entire volume is lock.You can't open the drive to change anything. This is to protect the integrity of the data
19 steeleye datakeeper remote drive is lock when sync

But if would like to check the remote host drive volume, you always can pause the state of the replication.
21 steeleye datakeeper pause state

This is a good sign of a healthy replication
20 steeleye datakeeper finish mirroring

The job overview with the status. You can see also, how much data that need to be sync to the remote host.
22 steeleye datakeeper job overview

Entire view of the Datakeeper volume
23 steeleye datakeeper server overview

On the screen above, if you notice the host turn into red and the status is showing mirroring. This is where by the remote host have been shutdown.
24 steeleye datakeeper target server shutdown

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Stay tune with my next articles which I will going to deep dive into fail over configuration in Window Server 2008 R2 Cluster Manager. Let us know what you though , learns and hope for next articles!. Connect with us on GOOGLE+ , TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

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