Saturday, February 4, 2012

USB Security Risk

Setting the USB to read only for security
I believe all of the IT in the corporate world have spent a lot of time in locking the computers to minimize the risk of information leakage. Some of common task was to hide the drive and also install certain software to block the access to the USB drive. However if there is a need for a USB drive, blocking access it is not a method or a good way to do so. The risk we are talking here is to avoid data from copy out to any portable drive.

Even for now we have a lot of new technology the risk have gone higher, last time we are talking about a single files missing.But how about now?. Now we are facing more challenging issues like your entire operating system is copied out for some unknown reason. The articles here is to give some idea on a better approach of securing those assets.I will show you
the configuration needed to lock down the USB drive. The above security measure will reflect if the user don't have the administrator access access which by right they shouldn't.

  1. Click on the Windows Start Button and type in Regedit and press Enter.
  2. Navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control.
  3. Right click on Control and select New and then Key. Name the new key StorageDevicePolicies.
  4. Right click on StorageDevicePolicies key and select New and then Dword. Name the new dword WriteProtect.
  5. Right click on WriteProtect and select Properties. Set the value to 1 and press OK.
I hope it give you an idea on how to secure all your server and desktop.There are also other way as well to lock down the USB drive by setting the permission on the inf folder.You can review more information from the here. Let us know what you though , learns and hope for next articles!. Connect with us on GOOGLE+ , TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

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