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Storage Replication Configuring Cluster - Part 5

Clustering in Windows Server 2008 R2

Clustering technology have become a common standard hygiene part of any organization that required high availability for their services. The question is how many of them does practice and have this to be implemented. What I would like to cover in the following will be a scenario when there is a site down on production network and how it can failover to any of the remote location with less effort on configuration. I will cover more detail as you sail through thru the blogs.

The above will be the actual configuration on the entire site, each of the site will have a different set of IP address.

Production site:
  1. installed with Hyper-V server
  2. 2 running VMs
Disaster recovery site:
  1. installed with Hyper-V server
  2. Quorum shared
The above configuration don't have any shared storage or even Cluster shared volume which is used for live migration. As on my previous blog, I do mention the replacement that we used in the lab will be SteelEye as for the storage replication between the production site and DR site.

As on the screen above, we will start creating the cluster by adding the required node into the cluster.
Select server for the cluster node

Since we are not using any storage that is required, you can choose the no option and click next.
Validation warning in configuring cluster

You will required  to create a clustername for it. Please take note , when you configure on a multisite cluster node configuration. The VM ip might need to be change.
Give a name for your cluster name

This would be the confirmation of the cluster configuration.
Confirmation on clustering configuration

Configuring the cluster
Configuring cluster in progress

A report of the cluster confirmation, you can click on finish to proceed
Result of the cluster configuration

The next step is to create the quorum. In short quorum is the cluster configuration database, and choosing the type it is also very important to get the right setup.
As on the screen below, you will need to configure the cluster quorum settings
Configure quorum for your cluster wizard

For the above configuration, I have found a very good link that shown on each of the area what it does and etc. It also explain on each node how it behave and etc.I would recommend you to read thru it first to have a better understanding.

Quorum configuration in detail

Select the prefer quorum configuration

You will need to have one server which is hosted as file server that hosted the share.
Create witness disk to store quorum configuration

This would be the cluster confirmation
Quorum configuration setting confirmation

Summary of the quorum setting is shown as below, if you would like to view the detail information. You can click on the view report option.
Summary of the quorum configuration

This is how it look ,after the configuration.
Overview of the quorum configuration

Part 6 : Configure high availability VM(Live migration without shared storage)


Stay tune with my next last articles which I will going to show you how VM fit into the configuration. Let us know what you though , learns and hope for next articles!. Connect with us on GOOGLE+ , TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

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