Saturday, April 28, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Storage Space Part 1


Over the past several years, the increasing and demand on the storage technologies, has become an essential component in driving the business productivity. 

The reality is data won’t be reducing and it keep on piling up year by year.At the same time, other IT trends such as virtualization have created a demand to have more machines to be run on a single host or more which will required a high performance storage.

Yet, the cost of the storage never decreases and it increases year by year. In this presentation you will bring back a fruitful information which can help your organization to tackle the issues related to cost, performance and also the data growth.

With the latest release of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 beta, the built in innovative technology it help you in term of the architecture design, Store Less and Save More 
These benefits delivered through new “Deduplication Everywhere” technology to help your organization reduce redundant data as close to the source as possible, and through storage space to further reduce storage costs  and finally you can built any windows server to become a storage to host for virtual environments helping you truly virtualize with confidence… 

So let’s explore further how these new features can benefit your growing business…

What we have here?Storage Space & Storage Pool
In the market, they are different type of storage available with a different capabilities which could give you flexible storage and availability options that can be deployed in organizations of all sizes and at any scale.

For a smaller size of organization, they can leveraging on the internal storage or a virtualized storage spaces that use SAS JBOD or JBOD. Some of you might heard what is JBOD, it mean “just bunch of disk”, which mean you can have a set of disk and then you combine all the available storage from different disk. 

It can be a USB external drive and also your internal storage. This is the beauty of the capabilities and you can save more cost on the storage.

Storage Pool
In the nut-shell, storage pool it is a collection of physical disk and it combine into one pool. Doesn't it sound like a raid configuration?. Just the missing part will be like Raid 1,5 or 10. With the feature that is built-in , you can extend your storage and you can minimize the cost of investment while increasing productivity. In the past, when we would like to combine disk space from different type of disk, we can't do and we must have the raid controller to do it. But not we have a new changes, this is no longer a myth.

Storage Spaces
We have talk about storage pool, now we have storage spaces. What it mean?. Well if you see by the word "Spaces", you will know this would be the available storage.From a storage pool, you  will a create virtual disks, which are referred to as “spaces”. You can configure these virtual disks with a variety of attributes, such as resiliency or just-in-time provisioning.

After you have created the virtual disk, you will start to partition the volume and formatted with a NTFS file system.

If you have hard time to imagine what it is all about, I have draft out a simple diagram for you to visualize how it look like. Stay tune to my next articles, I will cover more detail into configuration and with more solid screenshot step by step. 

Part 2 Learn how to configure storage spaces 

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  1. Very informative article. I would be very interested to know how would you use the technology to implement private cloud storage something like dropbox or skydrive?