Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Windows Server 8 Beta Overview

Windows Server 8 metro
Windows Server 8 Beta which was released in 29th February 2012 which provided more scalable, dynamic, security and other feature which will bring benefit to IT Professional to respond to business need more faster and efficiently.

On this articles , I will cover more on the installation part as well some minor changes on the operating system that you must aware. I have tested the above installation using VMware workstation 8 , if you would like to know more which profiles to be use. You can refer to the following articles which I have wrote last year which cover the step on installing the Windows Server 8 Developer preview in VMware workstation 8.

Overview of the installation
Let get started by going thru all the screen of installation of Windows Server 8 beta. You can download the media from the following Microsoft link here.

Once you have download the media, you can either install this into your hyper 2.0 which are hosted by Microsoft windows server 2008 R2 or you can use to install this on VMware workstation.Once you have loaded the media, what you will see a picture of a Siamese fighting fish. I don't know the main reason why Microsoft use that as a symbol, but I know that another name for the fish is betta . Maybe this is the main reason why it was been used. But I might be wrong:).
Windows Server 8 booting up

The next screen will be the setup screen, there are no changes so far from the developer preview.Proceed to click next.
Windows Server 8 setup screen

Click install now option
Windows server 8 setup button

If you notice the operating system selection compare to the previous version. you will have 3 options. What is missing here is the on-demand installation.
windows server 8 operating system selection

Accept the license agreement and click next
Windows server 8 license agreement

Choose custom installation and click next to proceed
Choose your type of installation

Since I have only one drive, you will be only see 1, if you have more you can choose on which drive you would like to install. Click next to proceed.
select your drive to install windows server 8 beta

Installation of the windows server 8 beta in progress.
Installing windows server 8 beta

Once the system have completed the installation, the system will reboot it self
Windows server 8 beta reboot after installation

You need to key in the password before you can start using the windows. You can either press enter or the finish button on the screen to proceed to the next screen.
Windows server 8 beta first time login

Finalizing the settings

A plain green color wallpaper.
Windows server 8 login screen

You need to key in the password that you have set previously before you can login to the system
Enter your password

Enter your password

Once you have login, you will see server manager will pop-up
Windows server 8 beta main screen

If some of you still remember, on the previous window server 8 developer preview. The shutdown button was hiding somewhere in the left corner of the screen. The changes on this revision is , the corner button have been change to start button.
Windows server 8 beta start button

This is how the metro look like
Windows server 8 start button options

If you notice on the right hand side of the screen they is one small box, click on it and you will see a different option.
Windows server 8 beta shutdown options

This is what you will see, once the small box been click.
Windows server 8 beta shutdown options

If you click on the settings, you will see the shutdown option is there. I am not sure what would be in the RTM release. But hopefully it wont be more steps to restart the OS:)
Windows server 8 beta shutdown options

As usual, each system restart will required some explanation:)
Windows server 8 beta ask for a reason to shutdown the OS

Windows server 8 beta restarting

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