Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Data Deduplication Part 2

Deduplication utilization
As for now, you should have the capabilities on installing and also configuring the data deduplication feature. As you can see the steps it won't be so difficult. On this articles I would like to share more on the other findings with you regard to the performances of the machines and overview of it. I have test this on a VM which  which is running on Hyper-V 3.0 Windows Server 8 beta. I would like to share my hardware specification with you all.

Physical Host
MotherBoard : Intel
Phsical Memory : 16 GB
Processor : Intel i5
Disk : Sata without any raid configuration
Network : 100 Mbps
OS : Windows Server 2012 aka Windows Server 8 beta

Virtual machine configuration
Memory : 1 GB
Processor : 1 vCPU
Disk : virtual hard drive
OS : Windows Server 2012 aka Windows Server 8 beta

The reason I would like write on this is to understand more on the resources usage when you run the dedup process. As my on earlier post, I am trying to run a dedup process on a volume which contain 16GB files. I was trying to measure how much resources it would take in order to complete the entire whole rest. At my first impression, the machine should be slow down and they should be high IOPS, CPU and also memory. But amazingly, it was not true. 

Take a look at the picture bottom. This is when there is nothing running on the server.

If you observe the picture as below, there is slightly increases in CPU and memory, but it is not much. I believe in a higher end machine, you should not be seeing this. I am looking for the final release.

Part 5 : Planning for data deduplication   
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