Thursday, May 24, 2012

Windows Server 2012 iSCSI Part 4

This would be the last blog on iSCSI, by now you should know what would be the next. On this last blog, I will show you how to assign a disk to iSCSI. I hope you all enjoy reading the articles and help you in provisioning a new iSCSI.

1)Back to the client again, we need to perform the same thing all over again, but here we might just have some more steps. The steps we have perform earlier which is launch the iSCSI initiator, this round , input the iSCSI target IP again

2)This would be the result you should see, if you see the result it is not connected. Most probably it is toward networking problems.
3)On the volumes tab, select autoconfigure to retrieve the disk

4)You should have something here, if everything is working
25)Although the disk have been assign, it still need to be formatted before you can start use it. You can check this under the computer management. That all from my slide, on the iSCSI configuration.

To recap
As to recap on what we have done so far, configuring iSCSI it is not that really hard, it is just a matter of understanding the concept of it. I have summarized the steps into 5 steps.
  • Install iSCSI target feature on the server.
  • Start the iSCSI initiator on the client
  • configure the disk allocation to the iSCSI initiator client who request for disk storage on the iSCSI target.
  • Configure and retrieve the disk from the iSCSI target from iSCSI initiator. 
  • Format the disk and start using it for production.  
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  1. This helped me set up an iSCSI Drive on my Server 2012 machine connecting to an iSCSI Target on my Synology NAS. Thanks !