Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Online Backup Service - Part 1

The Microsoft Online Backup Service is a cloud based backup solution for Windows Server “2012 RC” which allows files and folders to be backed up and recovered from the cloud in order to provide off-site protection against data loss due to disasters. 

What it mean by the statement is, you can recover the files from any location with the given authorization to the backup portal. It would be a good disaster recovery plan for some of the countries which have challenges to manage the backup infrastructure.

What would be the requirement from Microsoft Online backup service, you would required an good internet bandwidth.

The technology it is base on agent base, which mean you would need it in order for you to perform the backup of the server, it is the same as the native backup. But they are several concern that I would like to mention here too. 
  • If you would like to use this service, you must make sure that you have a good and stable internet connection, if not you will have a problem.
  • As for now it is beta, its not yet launch for production, customer would need to ensure how the data is manage. Especially for European country, they would required know where are those data store and how it was been handle.
  • For company perspective, you might want to plan a classification for it, such as when do you require to use such backup technologies?
  • One more thing, I notice on the backup software it self, it does provide a backup retention, but so far I didn't see how the incremental backup or differential or even full system backup take place. I might to dig more info on this portion.
  • Overall I would said this would be a good option for countries that would have a lot of natural disaster. As once we have this, we have no worry on where our tapes should be reside.
Check out more for more details on the above which will cover more on the configuration. In this articles, I would cover the neccessary software for installation.

To get started, first you need to download a copy of Windows Server 2012 beta from here, and you can follow the installation steps as show on the previous articles

On top of that, make sure you get an ID from the online backup portal at, it will take at least 1 day for them to create and ID for you.

The next steps would be enabling the features on the Windows Server 2012 in the server manager as shown above:
Select the Windows Server backup options and click next to proceed on the installation. To activate the features, they are no restart or reboot required.

Once you are done with the features installation, you would need to install the agent into your server.The agent it is provided at the link You would need to download the binary and install it.Once you executed the binary you would see the screen as above. Click Ok and wait.

On here, the software would check what are the prerequisite software are missing.

Now we have a summary of the missing software, click next to proceed.

This is a standard settings, you can change it if you don't difficulty to assign some disk space for the installation.

This is for testing purpose, I won't be selecting the Use windows update option.

Just wait for the installation to start.

As per screen, now we are ready.

This is what you would see in the dashboard.

In the next articles, I will show you on how to configure the backup as well as restoration.Stay tune.

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  1. It's look very interesting. Backup services on the internet has never been so exciting nowadays.

    1. Privacy might be another interesting topics to discuss too:).