Sunday, August 26, 2012

Powershell to choose drive letter

If you are using a graphical user interface in windows server 2012, findings a right driver letter it might be easier as the drive letter won't be exceeding and it can be count. 

But if you are using a core system, have ever you think how you can achived? You might think to use a command to get-disk and check the volume one by one or other method.

Do you know that there is one useful command which you can use which is Get-AvailableDriveLetter and by doing this, it will show you a list of drive letter you can use.

By using an another parameter which is Get-AvailableDriveLetter -ReturnFirstletterOnly you can get the the first assign letter. This is just a small trick you can play with. But in the actual environment, you might think a lot more to choose a meaningful drive letter for your application.

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