Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Provisioning type in Storage Spaces

As I recall, the first time when I use thin provisioning it was in VMware environment.Base on the comment and feedback during my time, thin provisioning it doesn't give a good performance, as it contain overhead. The first overhead would be the virtual disk expanding and it write on the physical disk. The 2nd would be the disk write inside the virtual disk.

As for now, everyone is using thin disk provisioning for virtualization. But do you still believe those overhead is still exists or vice versa?

In Windows Server 2012 storage spaces which was introduced since last year, Microsoft have come out with a strategy in the storage area. While the reason why I want to emphasize on this blog is the benefit and the cons of the 2 type of provisioning and when do we use it.

Fixed provisioning
This what it could guarantee is the maximum throughput of the disk and have more performance.  The limitation for this is, this is required for clustering and there are more overhead on managing especially on resizing the disk.

Thin provisioning
This is mostly what IT professional choose and it is the major benefit of this is you can have less management on resizing the disk. 
The downside of this type of provisioning, it is not suitable for clustering. If there is alert and you ignore , it can lead to storage outages. This type of disk also have lack of write performance when there is a large pool of incoming data. But overall, I would use this for testing environment.

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