Monday, September 10, 2012

Building a LAB on Windows Server 2012 - Part 7

Step by step on configuring the Microsoft WIndows Server 2012 cluster service
On this session, we will proceed with the creation of the cluster. In the previous post, we use the option validate the cluster configuration and now we are using the create cluster option as shown per screen.

Create a cluster in windows server 2012

Some people do question, should Microsoft permanent remove this screen? My answer to you is we need to keep this as this serve as an important information  to other IT administrator on how to perform the steps. But anyway it is not a lot of effort to read this.
Create a cluster in Windows Server 2012

On the server selection, select fs11 and fs12, you can direct type the server name and press enter and it will be automatically resolve to the name if you do follow the rest of the steps previously.
Enter the info of the server into the cluster

This is an important screen, you will need to create a meaningful cluster name, some of the organization they will have a different cluster name to served a different application. Since I am using this for the file cluster. I name the cluster name as FSC which mean file server cluster.. You need to configure a cluster IP which it is not been use. In the organization , you might want to plan the range of the IP that used by server, range of IP use by service management or administration so that you have a standard management in term of the IP address.
 Entering the cluster name and the ip address of both server

After everything is been configured, you will be presented with an information of the cluster configuration. Have a look into it if there is anything that you plan to change. If not, the you can proceed to the next steps. If you did see there is a small check box for add all eligible storage to the cluster, this option means This ability to choose whether all eligible storage will be added to the cluster or not is new for Windows Server 2012.  In previous versions all storage would always be added to the cluster.  If you choose not to add all eligible storage to the cluster, you can add specific disks after the cluster is created: 
Entering the server name and the ip address

The cluster creation is executed
The process of creating cluster is started

A summary on the cluster that you have created.
The cluster creation result

How it should look like in the failover cluster manage on and
Clustering overview

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