Thursday, September 6, 2012

Building a LAB on Windows Server 2012 - Part 3

Windows Server 2012 active directory

Centralized access is an important aspect in the security arena and its getting more and more common. Since this is part of building up a central access authentication for the lab. I am going to walk you through all over the screen, so that you are more prepare on the changes.

As there are few revision have been made on the Active Directory since from the Microsoft Windows Server 2000. The complexity of setup is getting more and more simpler. In the previous version we are getting to know that the command dcpromo it is part of the starting point. With the new revision, dcpromo have been removed.

Let's get started on setting up the server. First you must make sure you have rename the server to DC1 with the proposed IP address as on the previous post.

2nd thing that you need to start with will be execute the server manager and click on add role. As per on the screen below, you will need to install the Active Directory Domain and services and click next to proceed to the next step.

Windows Server 2012 active directory installation

Once you are installing features, you can click on the close button and wait the process of installing the features complete. However the process doesn't end here. You will still need to follow all the step required as per the screenshot above. You need to promote the server to a domain controller as the option is given below.
promote windows server 2012 as domain controller

Once you have click on the promote this server to a domain controller, you just need to follow the procedure. Since this is a new setup, you will need to click on the add a new forest. You can use any domain name that you like and for my lab, i am using
Windows Server 2012 deployment and configuration

Mean while for the domain controller option, use the default setting and set the password.
Windows Server 2012 active directory domain controller option

on the DNS option, select the default and click next.
Windows Server 2012 active directory dns option

On the additional options, if you don't plan to change the netbios name it will use the proposed name by the system. Click next to proceed.
Windows Server 2012 additional options for netbios

Click next to proceed.
Windows Server 2012 active directory paths configuration

Once you have finalized , you can review the option that you have selected.
Review option on windows server 2012 active directory configuration

One good thing about the wizard, it does have the prerequisites check and validations before the installation proceed. Once everything is ready, click install and it will do all the task for you. The task will required a single reboot.
Windows Server 2012 active directory prerequisites check

Other info

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  1. The article says "make sure" you rename and set the IP address as suggested in the 'previous post'. I have to assume you mean in 'Build a Lab, Part 2'. But I don't see how to do that in Part 2. Obviously this article is "high level", but if you could explain, that seems like an important step to get right, as you say, "make sure...".

  2. Hi Marlin7, many thanks for your kind feedback on the blogs. Apology to keep you confuse on the articles. There are steps been define on the lab part 2 on step 2. You might want to check this out and also keep me posted if those areas need some improvement. Looking forward on your feedback.