Sunday, September 2, 2012

Expand Storage Spaces - powershell

As for now I will presume you have a better understanding on how to extend the size of the storage.On this round of the articles, I be sharing on how to extend the disk space in storage spaces.


  • the command we use the get the storagepool friendly name which is SPN as per above.

2)get-physicaldisk -CanPool $true

  • The CanPool property indicates whether the Physical Disk is currently available to be used for the formation of a Storage Pool. By specifying –CanPool $true, only the Physical Disks available for pool creation are listed. On this command you can find the friendly name of the physical disk too.

3)Add-PhysicalDisk –StoragePoolFriendlyName “SPN” –PhysicalDisks (Get-PhysicalDisk –friendlyname PhysicalDisk3)

  • This command will add the available disk into the storage pool


  • To get the virtual disk friendly name

5)resize-virtualdisk -friendlyname "VDN" -Size 15GB

  • To extend the size of the virtual disk

6)resize-partition -size 15GB -Driveletter f

  • resize the volume or the partition online

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