Saturday, October 13, 2012

Building a LAB on Windows Server 2012 - Part 9

Windows server scale out file server configuration

Its been a while, I didn't update my blogs. Apology to all of my followers:). Until now some of you might have create the lab till up with the storage, the hypervisor, the active directory and also the networking requirement.

On this articles, you will see how to create a scale-out file server. In other words, you can see this as a big areas of a cluster network.

The first steps, is to click on the failover cluster manager and configure the role as per screen, you would need to install some features.

Installing scale out file server in windows server 2012

This are the most standard screen that you will see, on each of the configuration screen, if you don't want this to appear. You can tick the box.But for this configuration ,I will leave it.
Scale out file server

On the role selection, select the file server and click next. As you can see as well, there are a lot of the role that we can configure as for the high availability resources.
Scale out file server

While depending on the type of clustered option, you must select this carefully as the different type will have a different features. If you need to have the data deduplication features , you must choose the file server for general use. Click next to proceed.
Scale out file server select type of the server

Create a meaningful name where by you host the application. If you do recall on the setup of the load balancing setup over file and print in windows 2003. You might see this to be the same configuration.
Scale out file server and configure the access point name

This is the summary page, just make sure the name is correct as well as the IP address. If you are happy with it then click next.
Scale out file server

Look what we have here, this is the report of the configuration. You might want to keep the report as part of the change management procedure.
Scale out file server summary

As for now, you should be seeing, how easily you can built a scaled out file server with a few clicks. The screenshot below would be the completion of the configuration.
Scale out file server configuration completed

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