Monday, November 5, 2012

Building a LAB on Windows Server 2012 - Part 10

In the previous post, I did share how the entire lab was been setup. As you can see that with the virtualization and also the hardware today. We can built any lab that we want with a minimum effort and cost. This would be the last session of the entire articles, I hope it give you a good way of learning.

On this round, we will just going to plan on how to configure the  file server and by doing this, we will have a better understanding on how all the pieces join together to form a high availability server.

The first we need to add the file share. You can do this by right click on the FSHA2012.

Depending on the type of the application that you going to host, you have few profile to choose which are pre-configure. On this, we are going to use SMB share - Applications.

As usual, on any share folder, we need to determine the share name. You must put a meaningful name to distinguish its functionality.

Choose the default options and click next.

Do the same for the permission part, as this is going to be a lab. There are no special access control is required. But you might want to use it, in some of the other cases.

Confirm on the configuration and click create. What you have achieve here, it's you have created a high available file server. To perform a test, you can use any machine and map to FSHA2012. The next thing that you might want to test is to unplug the network cable either from FS11 or FS12.

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