Sunday, December 30, 2012

Storage Spaces known issues

Not sure everyone have the similar problem that I have on the storage spaces. Would like some of the findings on it. As you know in my few blogs, I did share some of the steps of creation, adding and also deletion. One of the findings that I see is, each time when I reboot my lab, the disk health will become unknown. I try to figure out where there is any option in the server manager, but I run out of luck.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Re-import storage spaces pool

Have ever you thought of migrating your storage spaces pool into a different server, what you should do about it without having any impact to the production?. I would like to share some of the steps that might be beneficial and it could be part of your work-plan  Although it is unnecessary for you to migrate now, but you might want to consider this in long run.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Local Wireless Password

Getting to know that, wireless network have become a common part of the networking world. In the previous years, we are worry about the WEP security and from there we have new improvement on securing the wireless by using WPA or WPA2. Talking about the control, if the organization want to avoid the users from knowing the password, how they can do it?. By letting the administrator key in the password?. Does this work well?

The users can run a powershell command as per below to check the password. Think again whether it make sense to use  this. There is other method which provide a higher security such as integration with the Active Directory.

Sample script on powershell

PS C:\Users\user1> netsh wlan show profiles name="myssid" key=clear | Select-Object -l
ast 8

Security settings
    Authentication         : WPA2-Personal
    Cipher                 : CCMP
    Security key           : Present
    Key Content            : P@ssword01201120122013

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Monitor Storage Spaces bottleneck

In order to run a system, we need to have a cpu, memory, network and also the disk.  The most challenging part to view on the this 4 component will be the disk component. Let me explain , if we are checking on the cpu, we will check whether it hits 100% of CPU usage. This goes the same to the memory, as we can check the balance of the memory in the task manager. For network part, mostly we will check on the byte sent out or byte sent in, however in a bigger environment, the latency of the network will need to take into consideration. Why I said the disk, is the most crucial part. The more application or VM you run on the disk, it will became slower and slower, but what is the right measurement for it?. I will explain more in detail

Disk monitoring
Windows Resource monitor it is a free tools from Microsoft that give you a very good glance on the overall performance of the system. I will explain on the area that you need to take note. The area when you would like to check will be the storage area. The thing that we are covering here is to check the disk whether it got the enough spindle to cope with the workload.

The areas that we are looking at will be the average disk queue length. Mostly people will said high disk queue length will cause the performance of the system is slow. But then again what is the right measurement. Base on the experience, the average disk queue length of 2-4 in a single subsystem, this is consider normal. But if its go beyond 4 it mean there is more disk to be added. Let said you have a 10 disk that are configure over a raid and you get the value of 20-30, this is consider fine.

Other matter will be the memory as well if you don't have enough memory which could cause a lot of paging in the disk. With the flexibility on the storage spaces which are introduce in windows server 2012 , the issues on extending the disk it is much more simpler.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Storage Spaces Usage


It's quite for some month, the technology was floating in the market and people are excited over the features. But however, you might need to perform some assessment the reason behind for moving toward the technology. Storage it is like a heart of the entire ecosystem, without it, your data will become useless. A lot of planning is required on the production system. Other factor such as cost, flexibility, support and agility might be part of the consideration.