Monday, December 17, 2012

Storage Spaces Usage


It's quite for some month, the technology was floating in the market and people are excited over the features. But however, you might need to perform some assessment the reason behind for moving toward the technology. Storage it is like a heart of the entire ecosystem, without it, your data will become useless. A lot of planning is required on the production system. Other factor such as cost, flexibility, support and agility might be part of the consideration.

Reason to use storage spaces?
Not every consultant can advise on this area, but however you could do your homework and perform the assessment. The scope of the assessment will be covering the below

a)Ease of management
b)agility of a different storage type into the pool
c)Server expansion ondemand
d)Use existing tools for backup
f)Redundancy over hotspare

Certain limitation on storage spaces
There is a certain limitation you must know on the storage spaces. I believe there is more, but the below are the key one.

a)It doesn't support boot system or the CSV which the scaleable file system might be the approriate comparison
b)Content of the drive will be lost when a drive is been added to the storage pool. 
c)All drives must use the same sector size
d)Fiber channel or ISCSI it is not supported. 

Looking at all benefit and limitation, you will have an idea where you storage roadmap is. Hope this help and happy reading.

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