Monday, April 1, 2013

Risk In SSD

My view on SSD
When I first been told that, SSD is fast for performance. I am so tempted to get one without thinking what really are those hardware are made from. To be precise, how many of us really care if it does provide 10x of the performance.

But in long term, that would be a risk too, SSD it is not so solid as it is. Why?. This is because the disk only supported with the number of write per day and it will reach its limit. Not like the conventional disk which are relying on the disk spindle. SSD will just stop working working without any notice.

From the point of security, it is always good to have SSD, as it provide a good performance as well the data that are stored in the disk might not be able to recover. Which I think this is pretty good.

The bad side of the SSD is, the disk can fail without warning. Just imagine that if you are running a tera of data inside the SSD and it fail. You might lost all the data, which I see also part of the security issue because it is impacting the availability.

There is some colleagues of mine that are asking should we change all the SSD and keeping away the traditional disk. Just to be aware that, SSD it is not design to have a proper protection when there is a power failure. I don't have an answer for the question, but however what I think is, we used SSD is to have more IOPS. We could mix the disk to achieved the same performance and reliability.

This is not something new, but if you do have doubt. Do sent me your comment too.

Just to share some updates, I will be starting to blogs more on security areas on storage on the coming month. I am still pending to choose the right SSD for my lab:).

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  1. Your SSD would most likely last you till 1TB or 2TB SSD become the norm and at that moment of time, you would find your 128GB/256GB/512GB too small/slow for everyday usage and you'll simply unplug them and throw them aside. Who knows in 3-4 years how SSDs would evolve. Probably 1TB? 2TB? and RW speeds would increase as well together with the drop of production costs.

  2. I don't know how huge your lab is, but you could probably throw in a backup solution for your 128/256/512gb ssd to your traditional 2TB backup HDD and voila (File History Backup - Windows8 / Time Machine). haha!

    You could throw in a UPS to your powerline as well

  3. Ok just noticed that your LAB is actually a server. You can ignore my previous crap =p

    1. Hei, thanks for your comment. You are right, it is for the server usage and testing. Haven't got time to purchase my SSD. Probably I will do some shopping this week.

  4. huge ssd does not resist small electrical fluctuation i feel that your requirement to use 1 or 2tb ssd drive so use and attach a U.P.S with controller to save your ssd and one thing upload your important data on or megaupload