Friday, May 31, 2013

Candy Crush Cheat Code

The games of Candy crush have cause a lot of players addicted to it as it was simple to play and it is easy. The most important part is the game is offer as a free software. How does the games works is , each play will need to play against the time or a specific level where the requirement was define.

The sad part is, the game only offer 5 lives and with no special power. If the players would like to have more lives and special power, they will required to purchase it. 

Please take note that, what ever have been shared here, it is the responsibility of the users who edit the application or the phone. The author wont be responsible for the damage that causes by the users it self.

What Next?
Now our question is, how can we get more lives?. There is an easy way and also a hard way. I will share the first way, this is where by we play against the clock. What it mean here, is each time when the live is trying to regenerate it will took 15-20 minutes, the tricks in here is to adjust your phone clock to the future. However beware that, the tricks sometime will cause more problem, as the more times you change the clock, it will take more time to regenerate on the next session.

What I would like to show here is, without jailbreak or rooting on your devices, can we still change the behavior? The answer is yes.

What do we need?
Step 1
We need to download 2 tools, the first is ifunbox which you can download from The second tools will be hexeditor neo from

Step 2
After you have those software ready, connect your phone to your computer and open up the ifunbox software. you should be seeing the same screen as I have here.

Don't worry so much on the numbering, as it is a flow for you to follow to track which files you should be editing. Locate a files that end with xxxxxxx.dat, and make a copy to your PC and I will explain more on next steps.

Step 3
Next is to open with hex editor
Step 4
The first is to locate the 0050 to 0070 and edit the entry as highlighted in red with 4054 8900. Try to figure out your self what it change by your self:), this will make you more addicted to perform more research:).

Step 5
The next is to locate 00290 and edit with the same value 4054 8900. Then again, don't ask me what it change as I won't tell you either:D.

What is not been told?
What you have learn so far it is on how to change the value, but one things is I want you to try this on your own. As you know that in candy crush, when we are finishing each level. We need to unlock the next level by sending to friend and this is how the game become popular. Those people will get to know what is candy crush. However do you know how they control this? This is how the configuration look like in the phone:), The hack is to perform a change on a higher number. For example if you are on level 35 and you would like to go level 36, you should change the value to 51 and it will repeat on each level. However , this might cause some update issues by the provider.

I hope you enjoy on learning this:).
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