Friday, September 6, 2013

Storage Improvement


it's was been a while that I have stop on blogging. I was quite busy with the family especially when you have kid:). Sorry for the waiting.

As all of you know that this year Microsoft have release the R2 version of the windows server 2012, there are plenty of improvement that have been agile into the product it self. One of the 2 important areas that I would like to share with you all will be the following: 

Automated storage tiering: 

Just by the words it self, this would be mean a better improvement in term of storage handling where you have an expensive drives mixes with the normal drive. This is quite common, as a lot of storage vendor have started to embedded the feature into products as part of the improvement. 

Live migration with compression:

I hope everyone still remember the words, share nothing but live migration which a demo that show that a live migration of a vm is possible without a shared storage. In this improvement, we do have the capability of compression during the migration. This could help a lot to those customer that would like to transfer the VM accross WAN.

Stay tune with my blogs and I shall come out with more sharing.

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