Sunday, March 2, 2014

Storage Future


Few day back, I did attend a VMware Architect bootcamp. I see there is a lot of improvement in term of products. What I see potential might happen in future will be the war between the local storage VS the Storage Area Network.

Microsoft have introduce the concept of JBOD where the flexibility can be achieve without relying on the raid controller. On the small scaled company, they can even plug a USB drive and extend the storage which it is very good. 

What VMware have come out with is VMware vSAN which is part of the VMware vSphere 5.5 kernel. To active it we only need to click enable and press OK. With the click of 2. I think VMware have start notice they can't complicate things, and they should make things more user friendly as ever.

The interest part is the Microsoft approach is more toward on building a high end storage without relying on the SAN, but for VMware approach is the similar concept but they extend this to the physical host, which mean that, they can cluster the disk on the local disk for 3 nodes which is the minimum requirement.

This will mean that the big vendor such as IBM, HP and DELL need to come out with a supported model for vSAN. I am not quite sure what it mean in term of investment, but for sure what I know the scalability and availability can be achieve with a lower cost investment compare to SAN.

They will be a pros and cons on 2 products, as end users we must know that we need to have a different products to accomplish the goal. I am going to build my own LAB soon on this area and see how the things goes. I just upgrade my hard drive to 2 intel SSD 530 120GB running on storage spaces. I be using the disk as iSCSI connect to my second computer that run VMware workstation 10. The reason behind it is because I need to install VMware product such as vSphere, vCenter, vCOP & vSRM. For some reason, I can't be bias to one products only ^^.

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