Thursday, January 8, 2015

Getting started with powershell


Have you ever thought of what is the command that you should learn first before you start with powershell? There are multiple way you could start with, the first is of course by reading some books or blogs in the internet to find more information. But in reality, you should try something by exploring your self.

The first command you should be learning is update-help to download the latest help files. You should do it, if you have a new machine that have been setup.

Secondly is get-help to get the list of parameter that you can use for the powershell. For examples, if you like to explore more on how to use the powershell command of measure-object, you could type the following
get-help measure-object
get-help measure-object -detailed
get-help measure-object -full
get-help measure-object -examples

Thirds steps is to find the list of command that you can use, you might want to explore get-command. For examples, if you would like to get a list of member that you can used for the powershell get-vm. You can use something like get-vm| get-member to list down all the property that you can select.

Last but not least is the get-module command which are very important to decide the type of module of powershell that you would like to load into the system. For examples, if you would like to perform active directory management you would type something like import-module activedirectory. But the question here is, how do you know that activedirectory module really is available?

What you can do is to use get-module -listavailable to list down all the available module that you can use for activedirectory management.

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