Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hyper-V and VMware workstation on the same machine.

Have ever you thought sometime, it will be great if your machine can you load 2 hypervisor at the sametime for research and development purpose? But in reality this might not be possible when we are looking into a different software vendor market. One of most important testing scenario for me is to test windows and vmware at the sametime on my laptop. The scenario will be like this.

Scenario 1
You might have a requirement to test vmware vsphere capabilities and you would like to build a mini lab for it. However if you are using windows 8 and you have activated hyper-v. You might not be able to simulate the capabilities of vmware in hyper-v as this is not supported.

The good thing about running on hyper-v is when you would like to test a full lab on windows environment such as active directory and etc. But however if you would need to have a third party devices to be connected to the VM (such as wireless USB), this might not be a good idea.

However running on hyper-v it does a better option as it could provide you with a better performance.

Scenario 2
The same lab whereby you need to test windows client functionality such as seamless wireless connection, you might need to run this on vmware workstation which is the type 2 hypervisor. The drawback is, you might suffer a bit of performance issue on the VM. So if you are going to test on performance, this is not the right hypervisor to use.


What you can do is, to create a boot menu whereby you can select which hypervisor to use when you are doing you testing. Open up your command prompt and perform the following.

C:\>bcdedit /copy {current} /d "No Hyper-V" 
The entry was successfully copied to {xx-xx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxx}. 

C:\>bcdedit /set {xx-xx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxx} hypervisorlaunchtype off 

The operation completed successfully.

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