Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Overview Of Powershell


Administration of the windows machine it is getting simpler and simpler as time flies. But in the recent year, Microsoft have launch a new type of administration tools that is known as Powershell. Looking by name it self, many of us, will think that it is time to learn programming, why are we going to back to the stone age, where is the GUI and etc.

To start with the new topic of powershell, first you must be open to it. Powershell came with 2 interfaces which is command line as we as GUI. In the overview today, I won't go into too deep.

To open up a powershell you can type powershell in the run , you should be seeing a something like a CMD prompt.

To open up the GUI version, you can type powershell ISE ( Integrated Scripting environment)

This is how you should open up powershell, in the next coming blogs, I will cover more on how you should explore powershell and soon or later. I will cover some of magical steps you could do with powershell.

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